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For all those who have never had the opportunity of seeing Elvis in concert live as well as for all those who have had the privilege of seeing Elvis live, the Always Elvis Show recreates a realistic tribute to Elvis with authentic costumes for any era desired. The show comes with professional sound equipment when needed and audio enhanced backing tracts that gives you the impression of a live band, producing a thrilling tribute to Elvis Presley, the one and only King of Rock n’ Roll.

Cliff’s velvety-smooth voice and deep rich tones will captivate and stimulate his audience in evoking memories of the King. by imitating his look, style and sound in a very charismatic way. His powerful voice and strong vocal range as well as the many movements Cliff displays on stage will take you back in time through all 3 eras that made Elvis so famous.

Each show can be tailored to your individual needs involving a special theme of your choice, which can include any one of the 3 eras of Elvis favorites including Christmas music and even gospel. Or you can choose just a short show comprised of a variety of Elvis songs or even just a song or two for a birthday party, anniversary or any other special occasion.

The Always Elvis Show is a tribute to Elvis that is full of pure family entertainment for the enjoyment of all age groups, young and old.

To book Cliff for your special event, call Linda at 1-250-372-5856