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Cliff Moody

Cliff Moody’s Biography

Elvis in Gold Suit

Cliff was born on March 13, 1972 in Kamloops, BC. Cliff has always loved to sing since he was little. He was born into a family of singers although he didn’t know it until recently. He was adopted and after meeting his biological brother, he discovered where his talent originated from. His biological mother and brother can both sing too. Although Cliff loves all kinds of music, it was Elvis that really intrigued him the most.

Cliff’s earliest memory of Elvis was sitting around the Christmas tree listening to an 8-track tape of the Blue Christmas album. The raw energy and emotion that Elvis conveyed in each song he sang captivated Cliff’s attention at an early age. Little did Cliff know at the time what roll Elvis would play in molding his future.

Cliff prides himself on his distinctive Elvis look. Putting together a tribute to Elvis has been a dream of his for most of his adult life, but has become his professional goal ever since attending the Penticton Elvis festival in 2002. The most highlighted year in Penticton was when Sherwood Sports and the festival souvenir booth proudly presented Cliff with a festival jacket after being awarded fan favorite for the festival of 2005, thanks to the crowd’s positive comments and responses regarding Cliff’s performances that year.

In 2007, Cliff was proud to be the first international champion in Seattle at the Seattle Elvis Invitationals, an Elvis contest where he won against 21 other Elvis Tribute Artists.

Within the last decade, Cliff has performed locally at Sun Peaks, down in Vancouver, in Chase, at the Eagles as well as at numerous private events, just to name a few. In 2009, he travelled to Memphis Tennessee to record at the legendary Sun Studios. While in Tennessee, he also went to Nashville and recorded at the world famous Grand ‘Ol Opry and then was asked to perform live on the Nashville Night Life dinner show with former country music star Tammy Wynette’s musical director and one of her backup singers.

Cliff is also a proud member of the “Loving you Elvis” fan club of BC. Many of Cliff’s public performances are advertised on their site. Just click on show schedule at the top of the page and it will bring you directly to the site.

Cliff Moody is well known as “Always Elvis” on stage. His Vegas style stage show consists of professional sound equipment with audio enhanced backing tracts and lighting. Each show can be tailored to a special theme of your choice and can include all 3 eras of Elvis, a short show of your desired length that’s comprised of a variety of Elvis songs or even just a song or two for birthday’s, anniversaries or any other special occasion. All shows include authentic costumes of any era desired.

Cliff is a very charismatic entertainer and his velvety-smooth voice captivates and stimulates his audience in evoking memories of the King. Cliff prides himself in keeping Elvis‘ memory alive by imitating his look, style and sound in a very charismatic way that excites his audience into thunderous applause. Cliff‘s sincere love for Elvis and the music he created is evident with every movement Cliff performs on stage.

Cliff hopes to see you at his next event.

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